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What is Health Coaching Anyway?

Meeting our goals, especially when it comes to our health, is hard. Why? Because changing our behaviors and our deeply rooted habits is hard! It’s far easier to realize that we need to make a change than to actually make it, particularly when you don’t have support or a clear plan. That’s when a health coach can help.

A health coach asks powerful questions to help you uncover your values, strengths, and motivations for change. A coach will help you explore common pitfalls, unhelpful thought patterns, and life circumstances that could get in your way, and make a plan to overcome those obstacles. You’ll feel a balance between support and challenge from your coach as you take weekly baby steps toward big changes.

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How Health Coaching Can Help

Louise has been an incredible ally for me over this past year as I’ve navigated many of life’s hurdles. I’ve gone from being sick with no confidence not wanting to face the
world to healthy and vibrant, ready to take on life’s challenges and follow my own path. Louise didn’t make the decisions for me, but she was there every step of the way. Holding me accountable to my dreams and offering solutions and clarity when I needed them most. Thanks, Louise for your support. I can’t wait to see where the next year takes me!

Adam V.

Working with Louise continuously helps me identify and address what is holding me back from achieving the big-picture goals in my life. Our sessions make me aware of my own capacity to handle challenges that arise through tangible, achievable steps that we map out together. Whether we are creating a realistic morning routine or figuring out what nutrition plan works best for my body, her support and the accountability of working together helps me progress at a quicker pace than I have been on my own. I look forward to celebrating my wins with Louise and take comfort in having her ongoing encouragement when I need to redirect.

Arielle B.

I reached out to Louise when I was having troubles with my tummy. Unsure of what to do, I saw a naturopath who recommended eliminating many foods. I was concerned about how this was going to be possible. Louise was able to coach me through these changes, set small achievable goals and help me to heal my gut. She is a problem solver and cheerleader of healthy change. I highly recommend working with Louise. She's extremely approachable, action-oriented and will help to ensure you stay on track. Forever grateful for her coaching and support.

Andrea L.

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