A Bit About Me

Why I became a Health Coach

Hi there, I’m Louise!

About five years ago, I had a rude awakening. My digestion broke down, seemingly overnight. No longer could I indulge in slice after slice of greasy pizza, enjoy processed sweets, or even think about drinking alcohol. Family gatherings and social outings became few and far between, for fear of my tummy troubles interrupting the fun. I felt frustrated, in pain, and confused as to how I got so sick. It was like a bad breakup, but without the pint of ice cream to console me. The doctors I saw didn’t find anything out of the ordinary, but I didn’t feel right. In fact, I felt pretty terrible.

I finally stumbled upon the term “leaky gut” and felt like the description I read was actually about me.

My gut had become damaged from medications, my diet, and lifestyle choices that I didn’t even know were hurting me and it was time for a change. Actually, it was time for an overhaul.

So I went back to the basics. Instead of focusing on the foods that I cut out (which were many at first), I leaned into foods that I discovered would heal my gut from the inside out. I experimented with various techniques that would help my digestion and stumbled a lot in the process, trying to find my own way without the help of any sort of coach or practitioner.

Eventually, through lots of trial and error and many small changes to my diet and lifestyle, I began to turn the corner. I traded in my stomach cramps, toilet time, and anxious jitters for walks outside, nourishing foods, and connecting with friends. I got my life back.

Now, my mission is to help others navigate similar challenges with the support I didn’t have. I know that it’s scary, frustrating, and isolating to have stomach issues of any kind, especially when it effects your work and your social life.

I’m here to help! 

As an ADAPT health coach in training, I help my clients get their lives back through a series of small but impactful diet and lifestyle changes. I guide, support, motivate, and challenge my clients to embrace the “baby steps” that will move them in the direction of better gut health and digestion so that they can get back to kicking ass.

If you want some easy, actionable tips to start feeling better fast, check out my home page and choose the gut heath goal that speaks to you! This will also sign you up for my email list. I promise not to spam you and will only send practical gut health tips. (And maybe an occasional hilarious gif.)

I also offer free consultations if you want the extra support to get there faster. You can sign up for a time that works for you here.

Here are some ways to start feeling better fast. . .

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Tried and True Methods For Better Gut Health

Digestive enzymes, digestive bitters, and apple cider vinegar are all tools you can use to prepare your body for a meal.

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